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Clubs Legends As Managers: Does It Ever Work

So, as the short and complicated story of Maurizio Sarri at Chelsea comes to an end, thoughts have already turned towards who his successor might be. The favorite at this early stage looks like being Frank Lampard, who’s arguably overachieved during his single season in charge of Derby County. If not him, then John Terry […]

A Guide to Paul Ryan’s Involvement With Prosperity Action

If you’re interested in learning about Republican politician Paul Ryan’s involvement with the Prosperity Action, a committee which was founded to increase the standard of living of American’s, simply continue reading. A guide to Paul Ryan’s involvement with the Prosperity Action pac: What is the Prosperity Action pac? If you haven’t heard of the Prosperity […]

Paul Ryan Fundraising Information

To discover how successful Paul Ryan’s past fundraising campaigns were, simply continue reading to discover valuable information on the success of Paul Ryan’s most recent fundraising campaigns. Including information on what Paul Ryan decided to do with the funds that his team had raised for the mid-term re-election that he decided to pull out of, […]