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Warren van Dam – Reasons to Volunteer Your Time

In the last few years I had really wanted to do some volunteering and the right opportunity had never really come up. At least this was what I had been thinking prior to seeing a video from the brilliant Warren van Dam, a lifestyle coach and someone who is really inspiring to follow on social […]

Using Predictive Analytics to Forecast Energy Issues

Technology is changing the way that many industries function for the better, offering exciting and dynamic new ways to provide their services to customers. Like many¬†tech businesses, the energy sector is one of many industries to benefit from such technological advancements. From smart meters that more accurately calculate a consumer’s energy bill to the presence […]

What is E-LIQUID

Smoking is a very common addiction all over the world. In this electronic world, where everything is updated, smoking has also been updated in electronics. Now people smoke using electric power. This type of electronic smoking device is known as an electronic cigarette or vape. In this device, people use e liquid, also known as […]